It’s time to change the story

of health and homelessness in London. Together. For good.
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It will take all of us

London is facing one of the most dire crises in our community’s history.

Too many Londoners are suffering and dying on our streets because of the impacts associated with homelessness. But we can change that with a movement to save lives and strengthen the community we call home.

Because Londoners are caring, compassionate and generous. We believe in the power of community. We step up and step in to help our neighbours. We take pride in our history, and in the local families and shared commitments that have built this community. We remember a time when no one was left behind. We know what our community can be, for the generations still to come.

And, seeded by the most historic gift to homelessness in London’s history – a $25 million dollar donation from a generous anonymous donor family – there has never been a more important or impactful time to get involved in a community solution.

The Health & Homelessness Fund for Change is administered by London Community Foundation.

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A Whole of Community Response Needs Whole of Community Support

A Moment We Must Meet Together

This is a crisis many decades in the making. So what makes this moment different? In addition to the historic Fund opportunity, a collective of community experts across sectors have designed a system response to this crisis that is a first of its kind in London, and unique in Ontario. And implementation of that system – created collaboratively by more than 200 individuals representing nearly 70 local organizations in community health and social services, institutional healthcare, education, emergency services, business and economic development, land and housing development and multiple levels of government – is now underway.

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Working Together

Government relations and advocacy for system funding is underway with multiple levels of government, and London City Council has pledged $2.8 million for initial implementation needs.

$5 Million Matching Fund

When you give now, every one of your dollars becomes two via an additional $5 million matching fund powered by the generous anonymous donor family that is making this movement possible.
For so many reasons, there has never been a more important time to get involved.

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This isn’t a challenge – this is a calling.
It speaks to who we are as human beings, and what we hope to become as a community. Londoners all across our city are ready to meet the moment.

- Mayor Josh Morgan

System Change Cannot Happen Without You

With system implementation underway, there has never been a more important time to give or get involved.

Be a part of this moment in London’s history

Your donation will go directly to building this transformative solution to change the lives of hundreds of marginalized Londoners, and address the impacts of this crisis that are felt by so many – from the agencies who have been in this fight for decades to the businesses and organizations that drive our local economy.

Plus, you’ll send a message directly to other levels of government that London leaders are stepping up and it’s time for them to join us in the most important fight we’ve ever faced.  

Show them you believe that
housing is a human right.

Join The Movement

It’s time to show up in a new way on this issue, together, and change the story of health and homelessness in our community, forever. With an historic gift, a monumental shift, and a made-in-London solution – there has never been a more important time to get involved.

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About the fund

The Health & Homelessness Fund for Change is administered by London Community Foundation, powered by the generosity of London’s business and community leaders and enabled by an historic gift by a London family who wishes to remain anonymous but whom has pledged $25 million to seed the fund, with an additional $5 million in matching dollars to encourage others to join this legacy fight.

Learn more by contacting the Fund for Change Team at

To discuss a gift to the fund, please contact Diane Silva at

Land Acknowledgement

The Heath + Homelessness Movement for Change is committed to working towards reconciliation and to supporting the recommendations of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It is in this spirit that we acknowledge that the community we call London and Middlesex County is situated on the traditional Indigenous territory of the Anishinaabe, Attawandaron, Haudenosaunee and the Lenape peoples. For countless centuries Indigenous peoples have been stewards of these lands, sharing the natural resources and only harvesting what was needed for their sustenance.

We are grateful for this land, though we must recognize that it was stolen from the Indigenous peoples who originally lived on it. We also recognize the historical and ongoing injustice often faced by Indigenous peoples and communities, both within London and across Canada. This process of recognition and action is constant and with that, we are committed to the ongoing crucial steps of consideration, education, re-education, and work that are required to reconcile and create a more equitable and just community.